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As Local female agents in the real estate industry, LOCAL Real Estate Collective is changing the game for clients who want a more personalized, human approach when buying or selling real estate.

our why

we are committed to our business

by investing in our brand, strengthening our team and exploring innovative channels because we know the business of real estate can always be done better.

Our Mission statement

Our mission at LRC is to continually raise the bar for our clients.

We do this by offering a highly personalized, authentic, professional and trustworthy level of service combined with our outstanding industry track record.

why work with our team

Our real estate team offers a unique blend of expertise, exceptional client care and a vast network of resources for a successful experience.

‒local real estate collective 

core Values

Our brand core values are the driving force behind our exceptional client care.

“We put our clients at the core of all that we do because their well-being, loyalty and trust is our top priority.  Building authentic relationships for the long term is what keeps us connected and committed to our community.”

“Guiding and supporting our clients throughout the entire process is where we out perform.  Through clarity, communication and education, our clients enjoy and fully understand each transaction.”

“Our dedication and focus is driven by our passion for the industry.  We are firm believers that for us to succeed, our energy is 100% focused on achieving our client’s goals every time.”

“Getting personal with our clients mean we go to bat for them and their interests.  From negotiating on their behalf to anticipating their needs.  We truly believe in a people first approach and are fiercely committed to our clients.”

“it is only through teamwork that we can achieve greatness.  We are committed to helping our clients by working together with equal parts humility, ambition and determination.”

“We are dedicated to embracing innovation and incorporating it into every component of our business, keeping us fresh and ahead of the competition.”

“We love the Peace Country and understand the importance of investing in our community, it’s members, local businesses and each other. “


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As your realtors we’ll prioritize your needs and provide exceptional customer service. With our extensive knowledge of the local market and years of experience we’ll help you make informed decisions and ensure a smooth transaction. 

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